Activating the warranty on your new HYT watch

Even though you are now the owner of your newly purchased watch, we still care about it. Activating the warranty marks the start of our five-year manufacturing guarantee.

You are then guaranteed personalized support from an assigned HYT team member, as well as our latest news updates.

Should you wish to activate your warranty via phone, email or What’sApp, you can of course do so.

We wish you beautiful times ahead with our product.

To activate your warranty, fill the online registration form in and submit it.

HYT watch

Personal data


Each HYT watch has an individual identification number, which guarantees both its authenticity and the fact that all work related to its creation was supervised by a master watchmaker [sic].

Each HYT watch has a fluid module1. This mechanism allows the time to be displayed through a meniscus. The meniscus marks the limit between the two immiscible fluids in the capillary. The movement of the watch drives the module through the bellow set on the main plate. Only a professional watchmaker approved by HYT can replace this fluid system. It also has a unique serial number.

On the card you received when you purchased your watch is a QR code that gives you access to this document which serves as a warranty certificate for your HYT watch.

The warranty is activated when you purchase from our network of HYT approved dealers.

You must show your warranty card to be eligible to use the warranty for any repairs or checks.

Your HYT watch is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for five years as of the date of purchase, if the watch was bought from an approved HYT dealer. Nonetheless, this warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect handling or use of the watch.

For any service, repair or maintenance work, please make sure that you only use dealers approved by HYT or our customer service department. You will find the list of our network of approved dealers on our website www.hytwatches.com.

Any repair or maintenance work carried out by third parties not approved by HYT automatically voids the warranty. The damage caused must then be repaired at your expense.